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If you look into her green eyes...

...you can see right into her soul

13 February 1982
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Theres not much to me. I wish I lived on the beach, instead I'm trapped in Orange
County New York. I will leave someday, to somewhere warmer with more live music and less yuppies.
I don't need much to make me happy, just friends and hugs. I love the water, I love the sun and the heat. I like old movie stars like Audrey Hepburn, I think they are truly glamourous. I enjoy live music and dancing around. I love wine, beer, but not hard liquor. I graduated college, I wish I was still there, I miss everyone. I'm a nanny now. I probably didn't have to go to college but at least now I get to play on the swings a lot.
I love hippies. I love bunnies and monkeys too. I don't eat much meat or dairy... but I can't give up sushi, no matter what.
I heart Frank Sinatra, I wish I could have met him. My favorite band is unsigned, they are called Ryan Montbleau, go to ryanmontbleau.com and go listen to them right now.
I'm needy, I cry alot, I'm overly sensitive and I get mad easily. But I have a wonderful boyfriend who loves me anyway. He's the best.
I like hula hooping, roller skating, board games, the zoo, and dinosaur bones at the museum.
I like to blast music in my car and sing really loudly. I would like to walk across the US and backpack across Europe. I love reading and writing.
I love wearing flip flops. I think pages with lines are too bossy. I like to doodle in notebooks. I have random thoughts and say them out loud. The end.